Friday, 7 January 2011

Well at least it wasn't as cold.

No. of km done: 16
No. of km to target: 984 
Conditions: Very wet
Starting music: Steve McQueen by The Automatic
Finishing music: When the Morning Comes by OK Go!

No new photo today, largely because you'd be hard pushed to tell the difference from Wednesday other than it being a bit greyer and a bit darker (admittedly I went out a bit later today, but much of the darkness is due to the lousy weather). Pretty dismal, but on the positive side that's my first 10k passed. Just another 99 to go!

Found out my new running tops are very absorbent. Which is excellent if you're just sweating into them. Less so if it's mainly wicking up rain. I think by the end I'd put on about half a stone in liquid and may as well have been wearing a denim jacket. And the forecast for Monday? Heavy rain. Whee!

Gives me a lot more sympathy for sheep. I'm surprised farmers aren't forever having to dig their legs out after their wool absorbs a load of rain and triples their weight. No wonder Dolly had arthritis! (Science nerd joke)

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