Wednesday, 28 September 2011

The final straight(ish)

No. of km done: 762
No. of km to target: 238
Conditions: Sunny and warm (which is somewhat bizarre, given the date)
Starting music: Mr Brightside by The Killers
Finishing music: Nothing, because my Walkman battery died after one bloody song :(

Well I'm on the downhill bit* - despite injury (which is still with me - I don't know whether my left achilles tendon aching is making my right knee hurt because I'm running awkwardly to compensate or vice versa) I've passed the 750 km mark and still going. I am, admittedly, a wee bit behind after getting over my various twangs, but just 15 km or so and I still have time to make that up without busting a gut. One or two slightly longer runs to claw it back and I'll be fine - but slightly longer being the key as I can't risk pushing it to clear the backlog in one go. Currently I'm OK albeit not 100% because of the aforementioned leg probs, and I don't want to push my luck as another lay up could scupper me at the final hurdle.

What I am going to push though is my sponsorship stuff - I'm still not past a quarter of what I want to raise. Which I'm not that surprised about - if I were sponsoring me I'd probably wait a while to see if I could do most of it first too - but I do want to rectify it.

*Sadly, not literally downhill. That would be lovely, but unlikely unless I move to the top of Everest in a week or so.

Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Uh oh

No run update today because I'm injured - my Achilles tendon on my left leg is aching and I think I've got a minor pull, probably from doing a lot of walking as well as a 5-mile run at the weekend. Hopefully it's not badly damaged (it doesn't hurt most of the time nor did I feel it give out at any point, which I'm taking as a good sign), but this is the first time I've actually been worried that I might have done something that'll keep me out for potentially weeks so I'm taking no chances. It's also awkward as it's towards the end of the year so I have much less time to catch up if I am out for a bit - or to put it another way, I have to come straight back from being injured and do a lot of much longer runs than usual. Some of this is probably paranoia too, as it's the same leg and the same injury I had towards the end of last year that stopped me running for about a month (and at one point was so bad I could barely put any weight on my leg).

Oh well, fingers crossed I'll be OK to go out on Friday. I'm bang on schedule at the moment anway (or was on Sunday at least), so the good thing is even with a week out I won't be far behind.