Friday, 21 January 2011

Kentucky style

No. of km done: 65
No. of km to target: 935 
Conditions: Sunny and frosty
Starting music: Valerie by Amy Winehouse
Finishing music: To Earth With Love by Gay Dad
St Nicholas park, which I sometimes run round. But not today, obviously - I was taking the picture instead.
Another very nice, but very cold, day. So cold, in fact, I had steam coming out of my hat when I took it off halfway round. There was also ice in the canal again, though not very much. Enough to bewilder a small flotilla of ducks though, who kept bumping into it and couldn't figure out why they suddenly couldn't go forwards anymore.

Noticed while I was out what looked like a large blue patch of blue grass in a field. Turned out to be a combination of a trick of the light and heavy frost, but was quite a good effect though - unfortunately, I didn't have a camera on me and when I went out later the frost had gone and it was all just plain green again. So instead, here's a picture of a fat bloke out walking his dog (and you can't even see the dog - but on the plus side the bloke doesn't look quite as fat as when he walked past me later either).

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