Thursday, 27 January 2011

Time warp

No. of km done: 82
No. of km to target: 918 
Conditions: Really very cold indeed
Starting music: Party Hard by Andrew W.K.
Finishing music: Fall to Pieces by Razorlight

Here's a weird phenomenon. Today, as usual, I had my Walkman on shuffle. At some point, it obviously got to the end of the list of the 200-odd tracks I have on there and re-shuffled them, and as a result a track I'd had on earlier when I'd been warming up came on while I was at full stride. And because my heart was now beating faster and my internal rhythm was faster, it sounded noticeably slower second time round.

I've had this happen before, and it's very odd. Try it yourself - listen to something (the best stuff to try this with is anything with a fast, loud beat) when just sat down or walking slowly, then have a bit of a jog about and try it again and I bet it'll sound faster the first time than it does the second time, because you perceive the passage of time slightly differently because of your speeded-up metabolism.

I assume if I get fast enough, I'll actually be able to reverse time, but sadly I don't think I'm quite up to that yet :)

P.S. For the benefit of our viewer, the title of the last post was a reference to the Metroid games. No winners this time, but thanks for playing!


  1. you didn't run 82 (eighty two?) kilometers did you?

  2. 82 km is how far I've done in total since January 1st, not how much I did today. 82km in one go would be a double marathon!

  3. oh, ok! haven't checked the number since the firts posts and thought you meant 8.2 or something!

    thanks for the clarification