Friday, 10 August 2018

Week 1...again

So, er, that all went a bit wrong. I started OK, then I went on holiday for a week. I took my running stuff, but there was a slight problem. Two problems to be precise, both of them unchained dogs, both of them between our villa and the end of the track that led to the road. So no running that week.

And when I got back, the building work on our house that should have been finished wasn't, so no washing machine. Strictly speaking, of course, that makes no difference to being able to run - but do you fancy having a weeks' worth of stinking running gear in a pile in your house? Quite.

So as I'd only got a week in, I've decided to cut my losses and start again this week (or basically, August 1 for argument's sake) now I can finally wash my gear and also not get bitten. I've banked 10 miles so am back underway, albeit after an unexpected false start!