Monday, 31 January 2011

Bright (in the) eyes

No. of km done: 90
No. of km to target: 910 
Conditions: Cold but bright
Starting music: Galvanize by the Chemical Brothers
Finishing music: Your Love Alone Is Not Enough by the Manic Street Preachers

Really nice out today - chilly to start with (Met Office says it's a balmy 0°C out just now) but very sunny and picturesque. So sunny in fact, that the light was reflecting off of the ice in the canal and dazzling me. Which most of the time was mildly annoying, but got pretty worrisome when I had to run about an inch from the edge of the water to get round a guy on a bike who was wobbling about quite a lot. When I got past him and looked back, I found out why he was wobbling a lot - he was drinking Special Brew. Of course he could just be very bad at riding a bike, but if that was the case I'm not sure drinking a type of extra-strong lager that even a lot of tramps will turn down for being "a bit rough and downmarket" is going to help much.

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