Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Screw attack!

No. of km done: 73
No. of km to target: 927 
Conditions: Wet and grey
Starting music: Amazing by Seal
Finishing music: Love Machine by Arctic Monkeys

Skipped a run yesterday because on Sunday I'd been assembling flat-pack furniture for the nursery and consequently my screwdriver arm (and not, as I almost wrote, my screwing arm), shoulder and back were a bit clicky. But it felt much better today, and ms. junior now has a chest of drawers for when she arrives. For her stuff, that is - we're not going to put her in it.

Avoidance of arm ache aside, it's amazing what an extra days rest between runs does - I felt like I had much more energy today, and indeed did my whole route with only one brief stop halfway, and that was more out of habit and not wanting to push too hard than necessity. Quite pleased my stamina really seems to be improving. It's either that, or extra energy from the biscuits I ate yesterday. And in case it was that, I think it's an excellent reason to buy some more :)

P.S. Bonus prize to anyone who gets the game reference in the title!


  1. I'm guessing not "I am Legend", which I finally saw last night, and did feature a screwdriver.

  2. Naah, it's a game, not a film!