Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Catch up time

No. of km done: 799
No. of km to target: 201
Conditions: Cloudy but mild
Starting music: I'm Gonna DJ by REM
Finishing music: Last Stop, This Town by Eels

Hmm, not my best week - just recovering from a cold after recovering from the ankle/tendon pull, so I'm a little behind. Not much - about a week or so's worth of running - but as the end is closing in I have a lot less time to catch up now. Fingers crossed I should be OK to catch up with the odd extra mile, but I may have to pencil in a few extra weekend runs. And of course more runs = more chance of injury. Ah well, bit of drama towards the end and all that!

In other news, I've also now signed up for the Edinburgh Marathon after not getting into London 2012 (that's the marathon, not the Olympics), so if you'd rather sponsor me for that than this (or indeed both - think of it as a 2 for 1!) then either way I'd be delighted. As ever, the sponsorship link is: