Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Not quite the start I'd hoped for...

No. of km done: 8
No. of km to target: 992 
Conditions: Soggy and cold
Starting music: Ecuador by Sash!
Finishing music: Orange Crush (live) by R.E.M.

The look of mild shock is the camera flash capturing me just as I was about to go back and check the timer was working.

Well I'm off the mark, but I had been hoping for something marginally less vile weather-wise. While I don't mind the cold, cold AND wet is very unpleasant, and leads to what I refer to as "runner's foot". Which is a poncy way of saying damp socks. Plus this was my first run of any distance for a couple of weeks after having the flu - and that's proper hacking cough, days in bed going bonkers with a fever flu, none of that feeble "oh, I can laugh it off with a few tablets" malarkey you get on Lemsip adverts. All that said though, it wasn't too bad and somewhat miraculously I don't feel completely ruined.

Amazingly, there were still huge chunks of ice in the canal (I run down the side of the Warwick section of the Grand Union Canal) even though it has been above freezing for a good week or so now. No ice on the towpath though - just mud, which I liberally transferred to the backs of my legs. Just as well I wasn't wearing my pale grey shorts, as I may have made it appear like I'd had a rather appalling lavatorial incident.

More on Friday!

The weather, as viewed from our house. What you can't see is the delightful stream of drizzle.


  1. Excellent start.

    I love that you're taking photos too. A record of Warwickshire through the season.

  2. if I can figure out some way of strapping my phone to me in a suitable position, I might try recording a run one day. Though probably not while it's quite so wet and grim!