Saturday, 15 January 2011

It's not raining!

No. of km done: 40
No. of km to target: 960 
Conditions: Sunny(!)
Starting music: Country Girl by Primal Scream
Finishing music: Rock 'n' Roll Star by Oasis

Wilson is delighted at the prospect of being able to go outside to the loo without getting wet fur and a soggy bum.
MUCH nicer today. Legs still ache a bit because after having the flu at Christmas and 3 weeks more or less doing nothing at all exercise-wise I'm still not back up to full stamina, so I was still a bit dead-limbed by the end, but the addition of some sunshine (and indeed the lack of rain) makes all the difference morale-wise.

Probably should have gone my street route rather than down the towpath, which was quite muddy from all the recent bad weather, but I left the house at around 2.45 and we live near quite a few schools. And as I've learned, you never want to be out running when the kids are leaving school - they fill the pavements, and their parents fill the roads, and it's more of an obstacle course than anything else. Compared to having to run round teenagers snogging, kids throwing backpacks at each other and parking-obsessed mums and dads trying to double-park people carriers and 4X4s in spaces you'd have trouble getting half a mini in, the odd skid on a muddy patch is quite delightful!

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