Monday, 10 January 2011

Mobile disco

No. of km done: 24
No. of km to target: 976 
Conditions: Overcast
Starting music: Derezzed by Daft Punk
Finishing music: Peaches by P.U.S.A.

Again, no new photo today as it STILL looks pretty much the same, though thankfully a lack of rain over the weekend means the mud has largely dried up. Though in places today it did seem to have been replaced with generous quantities of dog poo. Might just be coincidence, but given the amount I'd guess there are a lot of quite ill dogs in Warwick just now. 

Photo-wise I might actually try and take my iPhone out and take some shots mid-route as that's a lot more scenic anyway than repeated shots of our back garden (well, assuming I don't photograph all the dog crap I mentioned earlier), but at the moment that'd mean just shoving it in my pocket and I'm not sure that's a great idea. I know some people have armbands and use them for music while running, but I'm (un)lucky enough to have ears that normal earbuds fall out of at the least little tug. Which is why I have one of these, and it's fantastic:

Prior to that, I had to either wear massive DJ-type headphones or literally sellotape the cable to the inside of whatever t-shirt I was wearing while out running. Neither of which were particularly great solutions for obvious reasons. I'd highly recommend the Walkman to anyone from casual joggers to serious runners though - it's light, the sound quality is good, it has no cables to get in the way anywhere, it stays firmly in your ears all the time and it has a battery that last for ages.

And should you be reading this and you happen to work for Sony, I'd be delighted to get an upgrade to this year's model in exchange for the plug (well, worth a try!).

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