Thursday, 17 March 2011


No. of km done: 198
No. of km to target: 802
Conditions: Mild but cloudy
Starting music: Club Foot by Kasabian
Finishing music: None, my battery died (again) :(

Well that was a slightly odd experience. My trusty sport walkman thingy may be on its last legs, as not only did the battery die halfway round after a fairly decent charge the other week, but for the while it was working I had the distinct impression one of my ears was blocked as the sound seemed very muffled from the left. My ears are fine though, so I think the headphone bit itself might be damaged (or, quite possibly, clogged with sweat after nearly 2 years of abuse). The effect was really strange though, as it made me want to run to the right a bit. Must be some sort of inner ear thing, but it was really offputting!

Have given it a good clean and another charge, so hopefully that'll be enough to resurrect it for now. Otherwise, it'll be off to the shops for a replacement - and it took me long enough to find this model!

In other news, 2 more km and I pass the 200 mark. Woohoo!

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