Thursday, 10 March 2011

Oh, so *that's* how that works!

No. of km done: 180
No. of km to target: 820
Conditions: Sunny but cold and windy
Starting music: Collapse Into Now (album) by REM
Finishing music: Collapse Into Now (album) by REM

In answer to my own question from my previous post about how I could be good to run with sleep deprivation - I'm not. Went for a run Wednesday and it was absolutely exhausting, not helped by a headwind for the entire uphill section of the run. By the end of it I had the shakes, and needed to eat before I did anything else. Fine now, but I am worried that all this running while so tired might make me prone to injury, so I'm being very careful not to push myself.

Still a wee bit behind schedule - 6 miles, or basically 1 run, which is what I missed on Monday so I'm not concerned yet. Plus I know things will get better as little J sleeps through the night more and wakes us up less. Glad I'm at least getting all the hardest months with regard to weather and tiredness out of the way first - easier to catch up with 9 months to go than with 1 month!

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