Thursday, 3 March 2011


No. of km done: 164
No. of km to target: 836
Conditions: Sunny and mild
Starting music: Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
Finishing music: I'm Gonna DJ by R.E.M.

Very pleasant out yesterday (I forgot to upload my run, so I'm only writing this up the day after) and incredibly spring like for the second day in March. Though typically, now I'm writing this a day later it's grey and a bit chilly again.

Think it's definitely time to say goodbye to my current pair of trainers - the air cushion in the sole is audibly wheezing now with every step so must have a fairly big leak somewhere and they're starting to make my feet feel a bit numb afterwards too, which is usually a fairly good sign that they've gone past their prime. Which in turn means next time out I get the joys of breaking in my new pair, and all the foot cramp that usually entails. Bah!

For the first time, I'm also actually slightly behind schedule - albeit only by a couple of miles, so should be caught up by next week. Has been a pretty exceptional week or so though, so I'm not too put off. Especially as I've also passed the 100 miles mark, which means I'm more or less a sixth of the way there (there are 621 miles in 1000 km, in case you're wondering). Woohoo!

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