Friday, 11 February 2011

Technical diffculties

No. of km done: 124
No. of km to target: 876 
Conditions: Some clouds, very mild
Starting music: It Feels So Good by Sonique
Finishing music: New Frontier by Counting Crows

Today was almost disappointing again - run was fine (weather was so mild, for the first time this year I had no gloves or hat on), I took pictures, I got home, hooked up the camera and...nothing. Thankfully, half an hour or so delving through dusty corners of the Sony website came up with the world's lowest resolution PDF manual, and I figured out I had my USB settings wrong on the camera ("Normal" mode is apparently not normal, despite what it may claim. I needed the mysterious sounding and entirely unexplained "PTP" mode). Anyway, that's all fixed now, so here are some pics of my "hard" route - so called because it features going uphill through four sets of locks and is the muddiest and narrowest of my regular routes. Though if I carried on and did 5 miles out then 5 miles back, as I have done a couple of times, it gets a lot worse as there's a ladder of 21 locks in a row! (If you're interested, have a look here.)

25 miles or so that way is Birmingham...

A lock.

The same lock, only I'm closer to it (great caption, eh?).

...and 125 miles or so that way is London. They run a 150 mile race every year down the tow path all the way - and horrifyingly they run it non-stop!!!

No, I haven't got any bread. Sorry. No, not even a bap.

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