Wednesday, 9 February 2011

Pretty pictures (not)

No. of km done: 116
No. of km to target: 884 
Conditions: Sunny, quite mild for January
Starting music: Slight Return by The Bluetones
Finishing music: I Know The Gun Isn't Loaded by the Cosmic Rough Riders

Well that's a bit disappointing. Today, I took out my new* tiny tiny Sony DSC-U20 Cybershot camera, and took some nice shots of the towpath and countryside. And for some reason they all appear to have deleted themselves in my pocket on the way back. Bah!

I shall try again on Friday if the weather is decent enough. Which it probably won't be, as rain is forecast. Bugger.

*Well, new to me anyway - it's actually about 7 years old and used to cost hundreds of quids, but I got one off eBay for a fiver specifically for taking pics while out as I can shove it in my pocket without it weighing so much it bruises me in the groin when running or makes my shorts fall down (neither of which are that appealing).

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