Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Hard night's day

No. of km done: 133
No. of km to target: 867 
Conditions: Cloudy
Starting music: I Salute Your Solution by The Raconteurs
Finishing music: Spaceman by The Killers

Bit of an odd one today. Missed Monday's run after being up very late on Sunday night after a hospital visit with Jane because of the baby (thankfully false alarm, all good now), then last night I had to work late and then had to deal with our cat Twig being unwell and howling, so didn't get much more than 5 hours sleep. Thought I'd better go running anyway though before I started to slip behind target, and much to my surprise I felt fine apart from a bit of cramp. How I'll feel tomorrow though is anyone's guess!

Think it may be new shoe time soon - the current pair are starting to feel a bit "dead", and they wheeze a bit - that usually means some sort of air cushion has burst in the sole, so they're only going to get deader and probably waterlogged as time goes on, and that in turn leads to numb feet (well, does for me anyway) and cramp. Off to TK Maxx to scour the sports shoe section for me!

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