Saturday, 19 February 2011


No. of km done: 141
No. of km to target: 859 
Conditions: Cloudy and cold
Starting music: Sledgehammer by Peter Gabriel
Finishing music: Evacuate the Dancefloor by Cascada

Completely forgot to upload my run yesterday, but I did do one! Which is just as well, as I wouldn't fancy doing one today as it's tipping down. As is the forecast for most of next week. Looks like a soggy few days ahead :(

Was quite chilly on Friday, but I seemed to run faster and better (helped by random selection of a lot of loud, fast dance music - not something I'm usually a fan of, but I have to admit it does work well when running). I'm rapidly coming to the conclusion I work better when it's a bit cold - it's pretty horrible until I warm up, but after that I'm much more comfortable than when it's hotter. Which might make summer interesting...

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  1. I once ran a time trial up Exmouth beach with "Song For The Dumped" by Ben Folds Five going round and round in my head. Which was just as well as I ended up running entirely on my own due to my own poor choice of starting order. I discovered angry music is also very effective for running quickly.