Wednesday, 17 August 2011

Q. What's got 2 legs and flies?

No. of km done: 651
No. of km to target: 349
Conditions: Sunny and warm
Starting music: Many of Horror by Biffy Clyro
Finishing music: Call On Me by Eric Prydz

A. Me. Though unfortunately "flies" means I swallowed two flies while out today rather than the fact I ran particularly swiftly. I should probably be grateful for the extra protein, but I suspect it's not the most hygenic of snacks...

Can't quite figure out what's going on with my Nike sportband. Or rather, how it works out how far I have to go. At the start of the week I was ahead of schedule, so I skipped a run as a break after my catch-up efforts. Today I did 5 miles - and yet I'm now 10 miles behind??? It might all even out by Friday, but it does seem somewhat schizophrenic. Thankfully I know as long as I'm at the equivalent of 990 km done by the day before my last run, I'm good. Well, I may not be good after having done 990 km, but at least I'll be on schedule.

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