Monday, 2 May 2011

Time to cough up!

No. of km done: 344
No. of km to target: 656
Conditions: Sunny but windy
Starting music: Fascination by Alphabeat
Finishing music: Buggierunningbeeps (Rez OST)

Hooray, I've finally got my fundraising page up! You can pledge all your worldly goods (or £10, whichever comes first) at

Also, my Achilles tendon seems to be OK now, which is a huuuuge relief, and my Nike+ Sportband has sorted itself out as well - all my runs are now uploaded and I'm officially on schedule. And should you have landed here after visiting my justgiving page, here's some evidence that I've really been doing this:

Nike running

Or I could send you my stinky socks, of course :)

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