Monday, 18 April 2011

Hot stuff

No. of km done: 303
No. of km to target: 697
Conditions: Sunny and very warm
Starting music: Another Way to Die by Jack White/Alicia Keys
Finishing music: Apply Some Pressure by Maximo Park

Whoof - really, really quite warm today. I've been back 10 minutes and I'm still sweating LOTS. Definitely going to have to start going before 10-11am-ish soon or I'll be roasting.

Another small milestone today - 300 km done, 700 km to go. And amazingly, I'm not bored of the route yet! Give it another few months though and I'm sure I'll be utterly sick of it :)

Awesome work by all the marathon runners this weekend - I'd have loved to have been able to do that too (and it would have been a fairly hefty chunk of the 1000 km as a bonus!) but didn't get in. Next year hopefully!

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