Tuesday, 17 July 2018

Swan violence



Well this week should be fun, as long as your definition of fun is 'bloody horrible'. I managed 2 stamina-free 5-mile jaunts last week (not bad in the absurd heat), but this week I need to do 3. The way it works is I will need to do 1 week of 2x5 miles and 1 week of 3x5 miles and then repeat, with the occasional weekend 'top up' to bring me up to the monthly target so I hit 1000km in just under a year's time.

That said, I did my first 5 miles of the week this morning, and things have much improved. Last week I couldn't manage much more than a mile and a bit before needed a breather for a minute. Today, I only stopped 3 times at a quarter of the way, halfway and three-quarters of the way through. My speed wasn't bad either. I also wasn't attacked by any swans. Which means so far I have only been attacked by swans on 33% of my runs.

I'm not sure I recommend going out quite as early as I did though if you can avoid it (I was out by just before 7am). I've drunk so much tea today to deal with the dehydration I feel like I've inhaled a space hopper.


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