Monday, 9 July 2018

Seconds out: round two


Understatement of the year...

Oh, hello! So here's the deal. Seven years ago, I did the whole "1000 km in a year thing" that you can read about in all my old posts, should you be monumentally bored or something. Suffice to say I did it somehow, and I've kept up running since. But (because there's always a but), a few things have occurred 'twixt now and back then.

For starters, I'm in my early 40s whereas last time I was in my mid 30s, and thus I am now officially decrepit (I even get classed as a 'senior' when I enter races, FFS). I've had my right achilles tendon basically go "Nah!", turn into soup and give up a couple of years ago, leading to 6-odd months of physio just to get back to a level where walking doesn't hurt. I get piriformis syndrome - a literal pain in the arse - on and off down my left side. And the knackered icing on top of the cake of increasing infirmity is that just under 2 months ago I fell and broke my arm. It's better now, but I couldn't run at all for the whole time I was in plaster.

All the above mean I've lost my fitness and stamina, my metabolism has slowed down, I've put on weight and I recover more slowly. Oh, and it's of course the height of summer and I get hayfever, so what POSSIBLE time could be better to start a second attempt at a 1000k-a-thon (as no one has ever referred to it as)?

The answer of course is none at all. I need something to motivate me to drag my arse and all the other broken bits back to the point where I can not go "Hnnnnng!" when getting out of a chair, and it needs to be long term, achievable but not so demanding that I can't fit it around daily life.

So, off we go again. See you in 984 km! Or next week, whichever happens first.

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