Friday, 10 June 2011

What is it with me and headphones?

No. of km done: 457
No. of km to target: 543
Conditions: Cloudy but warm
Starting music: DARE by Gorillaz
Finishing music: Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush

Gaah - my second Sony running walkman, bought to replace the previous one that died after sterling service, has conked out. I know they're not waterproof, but this one seems to have gone on the fritz pretty quickly and I'm convinced it's the result of being caught out on a rainy day a while back. Oh well, replacement replacement ordered (I'd try another brand, but I've never seen any other one similar available).

Edging close to the 500km mark and on schedule - should be on the downhill stretch as of the end of June!


  1. Have you tried putting it in the fridge in some tupperware with lots of silica gel?

  2. Alas, think it's too late for that. At first I thought it just needed resetting, so left it a few days before I was due to go out again. Then reset it, and now it's gone proper bonkers - it plays one song at incredibly low volume despite the system noises being at normal volume, the back/forward skip button has died completely, and as soon as you try and stop/start it, the whole thing locks up again. And it's now refusing to be detected as a USB drive or charge up. Think I just bought a duffer.