Saturday, 4 June 2011

Hello again!

No. of km done: 441
No. of km to target: 559
Conditions: Cloudy but warm
Starting music: Spaceman by The Killers
Finishing music: Boys of Summer by Don Henley

Well after a bit of a break from blogging because of some busy weeks at work, I'm back. Rapidly approaching the halfway mark too, and currently bang on schedule! As far as I can tell, by mid-July I should be past the 500 km mark and after that I'll make much more of a push for sponsorship too (I figure if I prove I can make it halfway, people will be more likely to believe I can make it all the way!).

No real niggles or gribbles the last few runs other than some guy's knackered-looking barge leaking some diesel into the canal and stinking the place up as it evaporated. Unpleasant for me, positively horrible for all the ducklings around at the moment. Thankfully there don't seem to be many where his boat was moored so fingers crossed he fixes it before too long.

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